First full trailer for The LEGO Movie

The LEGO® Movie - Official Main Trailer [HD]

After the first teaser showed Ninja Turtles interacting with DC superheroes like only LEGO can, we’ve been all waiting for a better and more filling look of The LEGO Movie. It’s got a style that’s instantly grabbing, the voice cast is made of good actors and actresses (like Chris Pratt and Morgan Freeman), and LEGO’s a big property, so I expect good things from it. Or I just plan to be charmed the whole time. Either’s good. 

At the very least, this first full trailer for The LEGO Movie shows so much promise and character. Just hearing Arnett’s lethargic Batman and Chris Pratt’s hyperpositive Emmet try to save the world from President Business looks just amazing (and animated wonderfully!). The LEGO Movie builds a home in theaters February 7th next year.