First full trailer for Toy Story 4 pulls out all the emotional stops

Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

Well, we’ve got a plot now. The early teasers for Toy Story 4 didn’t really let us get a feeling for what the movie was going to be about, but this first full trailer for the film definitely does, and its jam-packed full of what has made every Toy Story film magical.

I wasn’t sure what they could tackle after the third film so perfectly encapsulated growing up, moving on, and changing, but the idea of why toys even exist is basically pulling at all of my damn heartstrings all over again. It also seems to raise some really complex questions about how life is created, but I digress. Of course, the toys once again get lost, as seems to be a requirement but, once again, its the lessons learned along the way that differentiates this series from almost every other animated movie that exists. 

Of any of the Toy Story movies, this one has the greatest chance of sucking (to whatever extent a Pixar movie can suck), thanks to its long development and the rotating chair of creators that have worked on it. Yet, judging from this trailer it looks just as good as the rest, even with Buzz taking an obvious back seat in the action. 

The only question left is if the Forky toys sold at Disney World will literally be a spork with some pipe cleaner twisted around it and cost you $40 bucks anyway. Hey, maybe they’ll sell the make your own Forky kit for $30 bucks!

Toy Story 4 lands on June 4. 

Matthew Razak
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