First Hercules trailer lets us know exactly who it’s about


I’ve already dubbed the first Hercules that came this year as the worst movie of the year (a crown it still holds), but the second Hercules movie, Hercules, I have much higher hopes for, especially after this trailer. Whereas that other Hercules film idiotically went all serious this one is clearly going into the awesomely bad direction with as much monster killing, muscle flexing, bad line delivering awesomeness as it can possibly muster. What more would you expect from a Bret Ratner film starring Dwayne Johnson.

No, really. If you’re expecting more you’re going to be missing out on appreciating dumb action cinema at its finest. I kind of like the myth/legend thing they’re teasing, but judging from the amount of large, mythical animals he’s killing in the movie I don’t think there’s going to be too much room for pesky things like plot. There will be plenty of room for muscles, though. We’ll all get to see Dwayne Johnson flex and yell for two or so hours when the film lands on July 25.

Also, the first poster was released. It too features Dwayne Johnson yelling and flexing and killing.

Matthew Razak
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