First image of Christian Bale in Exodus has a beard


If there is one thing that Hollywood has taught us that is a historical fact it is that Moses had a beard. While Bale’s beard in Ridley Scott’s Exodus might not be as epic as Charleton Heston’s was it is good to know that they are keeping one around as this first image from the film confirms. It looks like a good beard too, though we can’t confirm its greatness until we see it in motion.

If you’re unclear on the plot of the film because you’ve never heard of The Bible any other religious allegory then you’ll be interested to know that the film follows Moses as he tries to free his enslaved people (the Jews) from the evil Egyptians. The plot may be old, and already iconically done in Cecil B. Demille’s version, but if anyone is going to give it a good coat of paint it would probably be Ridley Scott. Despite Prometheus‘s issues he clearly knows how to put together a giant epic replete with complex questions about faith and humanity. 

[via Empire]

Matthew Razak
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