First image of Scary Movie 5 confirms it will be terrible


You know how every Scary Movie is supposed to have a random celebrity cameo who has no business being in movies? Like how Scary Movie 3 had Pamela Anderson, Scary Movie 4 had Dr. “My PhD is For Realsies” Phil, or that Scary Movie had Carmen Electra (back when they were kind of funny and I was ten years old)? Well that “tradition” continues with this first image of Scary Movie 5 (the header above) with Charlie Sheen (if he’s playing a version of himself and not Tom from Scary Movie 3) and “Lindsay Lohan” (I put her name in quotations because she’s not the Lindsay I remember) as they apparently have an scandalous sex scene in the beginning of the film. 

You know what else is totally scandalous? A lucid Lohan. According to some Rumors from the New York Post, tired old Lilo was giving the Scary Movie producers a rough time for making fun of her. When she found out her brief cameo was going to make light of her Valderrama filled past, she blew off work. She went missing for a couple of days, came to the set with self-prescribed “walking pneumonia,” and finally agreed to show up when threatened by lawsuit and essentially escorted there by the company. I’m not going to knock her to much for all of that though. To me, it looks like Lohan’s thinking clearer than she has in years. Poor girl just realized she signed up for an awful movie. Wouldn’t you try to get out of that crap also? 

[Image via Collider, Lilo rumors via NYP]