First image of Steve Carell in Foxcatcher


Well, this is a bit of change of pace for Mr. Carell, the latest comedian to switch over to something a bit more dramatic. Usually comedians go dramatic in a more serious indy comedy, but Carell is going all out in Foxcatcher as he portrays John DuPont.

For those who don’t remember the 90s, DuPont was an eccentric billionaire who befriended Olympic wrestler brothers Mark (Channing Tatum) and David Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). Then he killed one of them. Yea, it’s a weird story, and one Carell is evidently perfect for according to the film’s director, Bennett Miller (Moneyball). See you don’t expect Carell to play a psychopath and so he’s perfect for playing a guy no one expected to be a psychopath. makes sense I suppose.

Considering the pedigree of the director and the award season release date (December 20) it looks like Carell and the rest of the cast/filmmakers are gunning for some Oscars.

Matthew Razak
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