First images of Daniel Craig in Skyfall (aka Bond 23)


Bond 23 was announced as being called Skyfall last week and now we have the first leaked images from the film’s London shoot. There’s nothing wildly exciting, unless your idea of a good time is gazing at Daniel Craig in the back seat of a 4×4, but it does look as though he is sporting some decidedly unBondly stubble, hinting that rumours of the character having a beard at some point may be close to the mark. Bond being driven around in an armoured black vehicle could also be linked with the rumour that a senior government official, possibly Albert Finney’s character, will be causing trouble for both he and M.

There are three more images below the jump, including the only officially released image: a clapperboard in a bathroom. Still, seeing Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins listed as the men behind the camera should be enough to cause a frisson (just a frisson, mind) of excitement. Fans are speculating that the bathroom in question could mark a return visit to Bond’s first kill, as seen in Casino Royale. There has also been confirmation from the official Bond twitter that Helen McCrory and Swedish actor Ola Rapace have been added to the cast.

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