First look at Captain America on set in The Avengers


So The Avengers is shooting in Cleveland this week, and there’s been a lot of random set photos floating around. We’re largely ignoring them, as we’re largely ignoring the Dark Knight Rises set photos that have been popping up at the rate of one an hour. Basically, unless it’s showing something SO COMPLETELY NEW OH MY GOD, it’s kinda stupid. Just wait to see the movie, ok?

Anyway, you saw the pictures of Captain America’s Avengers outfit from our Comic Con coverage, and now, thanks to the “magic” of set photos, we’ve got the very first look of Chris Evans in the new Captain America suit. Finally seeing a real live human wearing it looks really, really cool. I can very much dig it. It’s as close to the classic Captain America outfit as you’re going to realistically get, while still staying pretty modern and functional. I can’t wait to see it in motion! Check out all the pics in the gallery, and let us know what you think of this new Captain America!

[Via Spoiler TV]