First look at Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Spectre


Can you feel that? That’s me getting way too excited by a far too short feature on the beginning of shooting on Spectre in Austria and a single image of Daniel Craig as Bond. Sony released both the video and image today and they’re jam packed full of Bond goodness including car chases, really gorgeous locations, Daniel Craig looking sharp and a gondola. The latter of which always seems to cause 007 some trouble. 

Seriously, how does he pull of those goggles off? They should be hideous and yet… look how bad ass he is in the end of the video. Why isn’t Bond now!?

You’ll also get some words from Lea Seydoux and Dave Bautista, but sadly nothing from Craig. It doesn’t look like Christoph Waltz, who is not so secretly playing Blofeld, is part of this scene, but it may be we just don’t see him. 

Matthew Razak
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