First look at Denzel Washington in The Magnificent Seven


As far as remakes go (or in this case remakes of remakes) it’s pretty easy to actually get excited for The Magnificent Seven. Antoine Fuqua is directing Denzel Washinton in a Western. After The Equalizer that’s pretty easy to get excited about. Not to mention that the world needs more Westerns and The Magnificent Seven is one of the best ever made (also one of the best Samurai movies ever made).

This first look gives us a nice shot of what the film will look like, which appears to be a movie with cowboys. I’m pretty sure Fuqua will be bringing something unique to it, though. Hell, the man made Olympus Has Fallen into a hit. The cast alone should make it interesting with Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio and Ethan Hawke all coming along for the shoot out. 

A trailer is landing tomorrow so we’ll get an actual feel for whether or not this will be worth the remake then. 

[via USA Today]

Matthew Razak
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