First look at Green Lantern footage is…meh


[UPDATE: found an HD version of this clip, which isn’t embeddable, and it makes things worse, somehow]

Entertainment Tonight is doing a preview on next summer’s Green Lantern on Tuesday, and here is a preview for that…preview. There’s some quick shots of Oa, Kilowog, and Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan both in and out of the suit. Yes, there seems to be at least one giant green fist.

I’m still worried about the suit. I really don’t like the way it looks in this trailer. Granted, it’s pretty low-res, and the CG is probably still a touch unfinished, but it looks super cheesy. Green Lantern’s one of my favorite super heroes, especially under Geoff Johns’ hand, but this is going to have to do a lot to win me over.

[Via Newsarama]