First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends


Marvel just released a teaser photo for their upcoming line of Guardians of the Galaxy-themed action figures, based on the teaser photo they sent out about a month ago. These figures will be released under the Marvel Legends: Infinite Series banner, which means they’ll be in the 1:12th scale.

Based on the previous Infinite Series lines (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Amazing Spider-Man 2), these toys will probably release with some kind of Build-a-Figure; each toy comes with a part of another figure that you can build. You know, like the name says. [Update 1: Groot will be the Build-a Figure] Each one can be purchased for $19.99, which is a $5 price increase from the normal Marvel Legends. Hopefully this is just for the movie lines and not a price increase across the board.

Also, since this is under the Infinite Series banner, I would not be surprised if there’s another figure we haven’t seen yet. Maybe two; depends on whether Rocket Raccoon is a pack-in or not. I mean, he doesn’t appear to have any articulation below the waist. [Update 2: Hasbro has confirmed two, unannounced figures for the line. We’ll probably see them tomorrow at Toy Fair]

In terms of the figures themselves, I’m just a little worried. Hasbro’s been knocking it out of the park with Marvel Legends recently in all areas…except for the plastic quality. Some of the elbow and knee joints are a little too soft, which means you’ll probably have to check each figure to make sure their limbs aren’t warped. I mean, you can see evidence of this in Gamora’s legs and Groot’s arms.

Also, that doesn’t look like Chris Pratt.

But these figures look pretty rad otherwise. Like I said, Marvel Legends has been really good ever since they implemented hip joints that both look and work better. All three figures appear to have significant new molding, too. Even the Captain America and Spider-Man movie lines had some re-use. This could mean that some executive somewhere thinks these will be a hit, and thus upped the production budget.

Anyway, enough about toys. I’ve attached the high-rez version of this image at the bottom of this post so you can judge for yourself.

(That really doesn’t look like Chris Pratt)

[Via: Yahoo Movies]