First look at Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men: Future Past


X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer tweeted an image of actress Halle Berry in costume reprising her role as X-Men‘s Storm last night, using the caption “Storm watch.” (Lol, get it?) Check out below the jump for the first glimpse of Berry’s new Storm.

I know a lot of our readers were not at all excited about Berry returning to play Storm, but what do you think about the new costume? Does it change your mind? Berry has also recently gone on record saying that Storm’s character in Days of Future Past may have to be more subdued since she is pregnant while the movie is shooting. I have to imagine that somehow Singer would be able to use movie magic (i.e. special effects, stunt doubles, etc) to be able to make it all work for Storm, though.

[via Twitter]