First look at James Franco’s The Sound and the Fury


As the next step in James Franco’s epic prank on the entire world (that is the only explanation for his existence as a whole) an adaptation of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury must signal we are near the prolific punchline. Starring his usually comedic cohorts, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, along with himself the adaptation is far from comedic. 

It’s also an incredibly hard book to adapt that Franco most likely does not have the skill to pull off. These images can’t really tell us anything except that people are wearing old timey clothes. The relentlessly depressing story of the downfall of an aristocratic family will definitely be interesting if it is as striking and masterful as the book. Chances are it will not be despite the fact that all these actors can handle themselves in dramas. 

Someone really needs to talk to the Photoshopper who put together the family portrait. 

[via /Film

Matthew Razak
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