First look at Jamie Foxx in White House Down


I had no idea that White House Down existed until just now, but am now completely in love with it. I have a weakness for really silly high concepts and this one sounds glorious: a Secret Service agent has to protect the President after the White House is taken over by terrorists. In other words, it’s Air Force One meets Black Hawk Down and that’s just dandy with me.

A word of warning, though: it is being directed by Roland Emmerich, aka the man who had Jake Gyllenhaal attacked by wolves and then made to run away from the cold, continuing a long Hollywood tradition of leading men running away from the weather, including Mark Wahlberg attempting to escape the wind in The Happening or Brendan Fraser outrunning the sunrise in The Mummy Returns. Anyway, the header image is our first glimpse of Jamie Foxx as the President, rocking a pair of stately glasses alongside Emmerich and screenwriter James Vanderbilt. Could be dreadful, could be brilliant, but it’s called White House Down so I can’t help but want it immediately. June 28th is the official release date.

[via Collider and Roland Emmerich’s Instagram]