First look at Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles


There’s a few key things we all remember from the Mad Max films. Leather, ugly guys, big hair and a bunch of post apocalyptic vehicles that pretty much defined how all post apocalyptic vehicles have looked since (especially the Interceptor, a Ford XB GT Falcon). So for most films a leaked shot of some cars from the movie being shipped to the filming location would be even less than news, but for a Mad Max movie it demands attention. These are the first shots we’ve seen of the cars in the new Mad Max film, Mad Max: Fury Road

These shots come from the cars as they’re being shipped over to Africa for filming. The Age reports that there aside from the ones seen here there are a plethora of versions of Mad Max’s Interceptor on board suggesting that the car might get destroyed a few times during the course of what is most likely going to be a film with a lot of explosions.

Seems things are moving along pretty well for the oft-delayed film and while pretty much no news has come out on it, but we can say that Charlize Theron is still attached and the films will be a re-imagining. No word on if Tom Hardy is still with the project or not.

[The Age, via JoBlo]

Matthew Razak
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