First look at new Klingons in Abram’s Star Trek


Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to know what the Klingons will look like, or know if they have any involvement in Star Trek into Darkness, then stop reading now. Final warning folks!

Well it appears that will probably be Klingons in J. J. Abrams newest Star Trek film, Star Trek into Darkness, and they will be given a new look. But you don’t have to wait to see what they may look like because the cover for IDW’s Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #4 movie prequel comic spotlights the newest interpretation of a Klingon.

There was also a deleted scene in Star Trek (2009) that highlights the new Klingons. Obviously it didn’t make the final cut. But there’s a photo still of a group of them in the gallery below along with a link to the deleted scene on YouTube.

For those who may not know, there is a difference in how Klingons looked in the original Star Trek series and how they appear now. In the original series, they have smooth foreheads and overly tan with thick eyebrows and mustaches. By using the helmets which appear to have ridges, it seems like Abrams is bridging the gap between the original series Klingons and what modern audiences think a Klingon looks like. Maybe they’ll have their smooth foreheads?

But who cares? We might finally get Klingons on the big screen again!

[Nerd Bastards via io9]