First look at new Saved By The Bell Trailer


It’s been 30 years since Saved By The Bell first entered the hearts and souls of audiences and now it’s back for yet another whole new generation. NBC’s new streaming service Peacock shared the first real look at the revamped Saved By The Bell and boy is it shaping up to be quite interesting. Original cast members are indeed back at Bayside High. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley, as well as Mark-Paul Gosselaar, are featured in the trailer and it sure brings back memories of these characters.

So what exactly is going on at Bayside High this time around?  Students from low-income schools end up going to Bayside following displacement. It’s shaping up to be rich kids vs poor kids kind of story. Zack Morris, who is now ironically the Governor of California, chooses to send those kids to Bayside.

It’s honestly like returning to the 90s but with a new crop of students in a new modern world. It seems the hijinx will be the same but updated for today’s generation of teens. The new Saved By The Bell appears to be trying to cater to both old and new fans. After seeing promo pics earlier this year, it was so nice to finally see the gang in action such as a quick glimpse at the famous diner The Max. As someone who grew up with the series and watched it avidly on weekends with my family, this feels like we never left Bayside.  We just grew up and Bayside stayed the same.

Saved By The Bell is will premiere on Peacock sometime later this year.

Tarah Bleier
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