First look at Skyfall’s very young new Q, Ben Wishaw


Here we have a first look at Ben Wishaw as James Bond’s new Q in the hotly-anticipated new Bond flick Skyfall. I suppose I’m conditioned to think this after a lifetime of seeing Q as a white-haired old man, but this Q does seem startlingly young to me. He looks like he’s worrying over SAT scores and the perfect time to ask Janey Smith to the homecoming dance. That said, it’s a good look for Q. These days, it makes a lot more sense for the super technically inclined quartermaster character to be a younger sort.

I mean, no matter what, he’s going to be better than John Cleese as Q, right? Desmond Llewelyn will always be entrenched in my heart as the Q, so I can’t even compare Ben Wishaw to him. Thankfully, Wishaw is a seriously talented young guy, so chalk this up as yet another thing to be excited about Skyfall for.