First look at the Amazing Spider-Man sequel costume


Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man distinguished itself from the Sam Raimi films in a couple of ways, one of which was the design of the Spider-Man costume. The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel will have a new costume for Spidey, however, and here’s your first look at it.

One of the most striking changes are the large, expressive white eyes, which are a staple of Spider-Man costumes going back to the Steve Ditko days. The texture of the costume has changed a lot too. It looks less like a basketball and more like the Raimi films. And the spider logo has also changed into a more classic rendering.

In the gallery is the costume from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I’ve also included the costume from last year’s The Amazing Spider-Man and the costumes from the Raimi Spider-Man films for comparison. What do you think of the new Spider-Man costume design?

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Hubert Vigilla
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