First look at the new Ecto-1


When I was a kid my favorite toy (aside from the Ninja Turtles van) was my Ecto-1. That car is a movie classic, and I will honestly admit I was afraid of what they were going to do with it for the new Ghostbusters film. I fear no more. Nay, I in fact rejoice because Pual Feig has released images of the car it it is wonderfully old school.

Now it is missing the signature fins, but i’m OK with that. It’s nuts and bolts and dirty and fits right in with everything else the director has been teasing for the film. I would definitely not be afraid of no ghost in that car. 

It’s hard to tell what the make of the car is, but we’re guessing that it too is a Cadillac like the original. 

Matthew Razak
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