First look at Will Smith performing ‘Prince Ali’


Well, Disney fans here we go with another sneak peek at the upcoming remake of Aladdin due out later this month. This time we get a look at Will Smith performing another iconic musical number ‘Prince Ali’, where Aladdin wishes to literally be a Prince to impress Jasmine. Now we haven’t seen this memorable scene since the original animated version. That was back in 1992 when the late great Robin Williams as The Genie first graced the big screen.

This short clip that you can view below gives us a very brief glimpse of what can we expect. Will Smith be able to fill some very big shoes? That remains to be seen. While it’s clear he isn’t trying to replicate William’s performance, he is definitely trying to make the character all his own. Since this is only a snippet of the gigantic number I am trying really hard to not hate it but I can’t help it.

This first look is supposed to get audiences excited but I feel it falls very short. There is an awkwardness in the performance of what we do see from Smith. He seems to be trying really really hard here and it does not feel genuine at all. Perhaps once I see the scene in its entirety I will feel differently. Honestly, did we need this remake? I don’t think so but hey Hollywood has to give audiences something so may as well be a live-action take on the beloved animated classic.


Aladdin (2019) - "Prince Ali" Clip

I have to appreciate how we are getting a different take on this classic for a new era. Hopefully, fans both new and old will appreciate it and it doesn’t turn out to be a total trainwreck. In my eyes, Robin Williams will always be The Genie but I am willing to give Smith a chance.

You can check out Disney’s Aladdin when it flies into theaters on May 24.

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