First look at World of Warcraft’s Orgrim


It’s been a long road for the World of Warcraft movie, but we’re at a point now that it’s actually happening. No, really, guys. Here’s a picture of a character from it. Not just any character, one of the leads. Orgrim, played by Robert Kazinky, is obviously an orc, but according to the film’s direct Duncan Jones he’s also full of gruffness, humor and toughness. I assume these are prized attributes for orcs.

I don’t play Warcraft in any iteration so I’m not sure. I do know Orgrim sure looks like a Warcraft orc from what I’ve gleaned via box art. The folks at Industrial Lights and Magic took concept art from Blizzard and then applied to to Kazinky and then came out the other side with this fantastic looking piece of orc meat. Sounds pretty easy and probably didn’t take hundreds of man hours and insane levels of artistic skill. 

We’ll get more when the film releases next summer. 

[via Wired]


Matthew Razak
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