First looks and new images for Sin City 2


Did you forget that Sin City was getting a sequel? Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has been pushed back, delayed and reworked so many times it’s hard to believe it’s actually going to come out on August 22 of this year. Like really, hard to believe. Especially since promotional stuff for it was scant. Seems their reversing course on that, though. 

Thanks to EW we’ve got our first look at the film, aside from the teaser poster below. The images show Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba returning and looking much the same, but also Joseph Gordon Levitt as hard-luck gambler Johnny. The brief descriptions the new images give flesh out the plot of two of the four stories we’ll be seeing in the film.

It’s hard to judge anything from these, but the fact the film was shot in 3D should make it pretty stunning given the flat visuals and monochrome coloring. 

[EW, via CBM]

Matthew Razak
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