First official image from ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’


And no, the header image is obviously not the picture in question. That can be found down in the gallery, at your convenience. It’s not really anything to get excited about, just John and Jack McClane (Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney, respectively) standing around with some guns in hand. That’s the very least I would expect from a pic of a Die Hard sequel, so there is still plenty of opportunity left to ‘wow’ me.

Having just seen Looper — like, literally less than an hour ago — I can say confidently that Bruce Willis is still one of the most bad-ass dudes around, and I will gladly fork over my hard earned cash to watch him take down more bad guys. I will admit that, at least in terms of suspension of disbelief, John McClane’s knack for being at the wrong place at the right time is getting a little, shall we say, improbable. Honestly, I think we should just go ahead and classify him as a superhero. That would make explaining his innate ability of saving the day much easier.

[via EW]