First official image from Kick-Ass 2 reveals Jim Carrey


Kick-Ass 2 is flying really below the radar right now, especially for a film that’s most likely going to succeed on word of mouth instead of brand name. After all the original Kick-Ass was awesome, but wasn’t a resounding success box office wise and was definitely not for everyone. Fans of the movie will be happy with this first look at the film, though.

The image features the return of Kick-Ass and he is talking with Colonel Stars and Stripes and his dog Sandie. The Colonel is the leader of the superhero team that Kick-Ass joins, which will also consist of John Leguizamo and Donal Faison. Nothing to earth shattering to note here, but I’m sure we’ll start seeing buzz for the film creep up as we get closer to release date. 

Matthew Razak
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