First official photo from Shazam shows that soda is a part of a nutritious diet


Despite the fact that filming on Shazam! wrapped up on May 11th in Toronto, we haven’t been able to actually get a good look at anything from the set or any type of promotional materials outside of dodgy fan photos. Thankfully today the first official photo from Shazam! was revealed through an exclusive article with Entertainment Weekly and as a casual fan of Shazam! I rather enjoy the look. Fellow Flixist writer Hubert Vigilla wishes they would have gone full old school and taken away some of the modern lines but this is the DCCU we are talking about, take that as you will.

The lead role of Shazam! is played by Zachary Levi of Chuck fame, and as the article points out he has been hitting the gym to lose any chance he will be compared to the nerdy tech spy agent where he got his fame. The movie will tell the tale of how young orphan Billy Batson is approached by an old wizard who gives him the power to become Shazam! A God like creature that takes powers from the six mystical beings; Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

Shazam! is currently scheduled to be released on April 5th of next year as part of the second phase of the DC Universe “plan.”

Shazam! reveals Zachary Levi’s costume in first official photo [Entertainment Weekly]

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