First official Skyfall poster revealed


It’s only four days (FOUR DAYS!!!!) until the first trailer for Skyfall, James Bond’s fiftieth anniversary adventure, is released. For me, it’s a dark horse to be 2012’s best blockbuster, even with The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus and Quentin Tarantino’s Django as competition. Many were disappointed with Quantum Of Solace, but everything leaked from this production hints at a spectacular return to form.

The first official poster, released today, doesn’t give much away, but that simplicity is key to its impact. The black and white is a good fit for Craig’s darker interpretation of Bond, while the use of traditional Bond iconography hopefully hints at the gunbarrel sequence returning to where it belongs. There’s no more thrilling intro to any movie, and Quantum definitely got off on the wrong foot by leaving it until the end. Check the gallery for a larger version of the poster. Skyfall is released on Nov. 6th in the US and October 26th in the UK.

[via 007]