First official trailer for Fury, starring Brad Pitt

FURY - Official Trailer

David Ayer is one of my favorite writer/directors. From Training Day, The Fast and Furious, to End of Watch, he’s always impressed me with his smaller dialogue moments around hefty action scenes. Looks like we’ll be getting that in spades with the WWII Tank film, Fury. 

Fury stars a load of good folks (Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, and Jon Bernthal) as a squad using a tank to fight the Nazis. If the idea of Brad Pitt fighting Nazis again (albeit a bit more serious this time around) doesn’t get you excited for this, I don’t want to be friends anymore. The trailer might be cut weirdly and shows a great deal of the film’s plot, but it’s still pretty looking. If you want to avoid that, just look at the gorgeous poster in the gallery.

Fury has tanks on tanks on tanks November 14th.