First official trailer for Let’s Be Cops, starring Jake Johnson


Let’s Be Cops stars New Girl alums (Wait, are they alums if they’re still a part of the show? Whatever) Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. as two guys who go to a costume party dressed as police officers, decide they like pretending to be cops, and end up milking their outfits for all their worth. If that sounds like a flimsy premise to you, you’d be correct as it seems this short Red Band trailer is already stretching the joke as far as it can go. 

I’ll admit I was into it as it started (as Johnson and Wayans share a natural chemistry bred from their time on New Girl), but about a minute and a half in, I wanted it to be over. I hope the actual film has more depth than this. If not, we’ve got a problem. Let’s Be Cops arrests theaters August 13th. 

[via Yahoo]