First pic from Darren Aronofsky’s Noah is full of snakes


That’s not a a clever quip or anything. The pic is literally full of hundreds of our limbless reptilian friends, as you can clearly see for yourself. The picture arrives courtesy of cinematographer Matty Libatique’s Twitter feed, and is apparently a preliminary lighting shot, because the priority should always be to find the best lighting for a room full of snakes and a singular alligator (one alligator? really?).

This obviously doesn’t shed any light (see what I did there?) on any new details of the film, but of course you probably know the story already. The real question here is, what the hell is Noah doing with so many snakes? How many other species were left behind because he felt some unexplainable urge to save as many snakes as possible? What if by his own neglect and some perverse love of reptiles Noah single handedly brought about the evolution of the sleestaks?

Wait a sec, sleestaks and evolution are mentioned in the Bible, right?

[via Indiewire]