First possible look at Doctor Doom in new Fantastic Four


We’ll of course preface this with the fact that these are leaked images and thus may not be real at all, though someone would have to go to some lengths to pull this off. These are supposedly images from the set of the new Fantastic Four film and show off Toby Kebbel’s character Doctor Doom, though this could be a stunt double as well. There also seems to be a bit of Human Torch in there.

Now, there will obviously be a ton of CGI going on with these guys to make them look better and the images are low quality, but does Doctor Doom look naked to you? I’m sure there’s something to the costume, but right now it looks like his messed up skin. 

Also mentioned from the leaker is that the Storms will be adopted and thus the racial difference is explained. That makes sense and I’m OK with it simply because I like Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch. 

[via Geek Pride]

Matthew Razak
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