First poster for AMC’s Preacher revealed


Back when I collected comics in high school Preacher was the totally bad ass cool kid who did whatever the hell he wanted. It’s interesting it’s taken so long to adapt to any screen, but AMC is finally bringing it to life. One does wonder what kind of life it will be, though. At least the poster, Tweeted from one of the show’s creators, Seth Rogen, seems on point.

While the adolescent in me read Preacher for the violence and sexual content it’s religious and social commentary are what are actually intriguing about it. The comic is about Jesse Cutler (Dominic Cooper) who is bound to a demon that makes him a little evil and a lot powerful. It gets really messed up from there, but also incredibly interesting. It’s quandariesinto religion and the sh*t people do in its name should be both fantastic fodder for an AMC show and horribly relevant to today’s divided culture. 

Originally the poster Tweet had a May 2016 release date on it, but that has since been eliminated so who knows when we’ll actually get to see the show. We do now know that AMC has ordered a full season of it.

Matthew Razak
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