First poster for Ant-Man is small, but oh so big as well


Sold. You sold me, Marvel. Not that I needed much selling on Ant-Man, but this poster has done it. Eschewing their usual “faces of heroes in front of dramatic background” theme Marvel has released the first poster for the film and it is awesome. For a film about a guy where is less is more this poster sums that up perfectly.

Now we’re sure to get more of the more traditional stuff as it gets closer to the July 17 release date, but for now big fat round of applause for this poster. I’d hang this on my wall in a second and I’m not even that big of an Ant-Man fan. Bonus image from the cover of EW, which has an article in it on the film. 

Remember, later tonight we’ll have the first trailer so come back to check that out. 

[via EW]

Matthew Razak
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