First poster for Aronofsky’s Mother! has Jennifer Lawrence and her heart


We know almost nothing about Darren Aronofsky’s next movie, Mother!. The release of a new poster tells us even less, except that it should be as visually striking and thematically challenging as his previous films. Take a look below and you’ll see Jennifer Lawrence with her literal heart in her hands, and the gaping hole it came out of. 

It’s unclear why the messaging around Mother! has been so quite, but maybe it’s because Aronofsky got a lot of unwarranted flack for Noah. Maybe he’s just trying to surprise everyone this time. Whatever the reason, all we know is that the movie will be horror (poster confirms), and that it involves a couple who have a house guest that starts causing problems. Sounds like the perfect plot to for Aronofsky to once again push genre boundarieswhile digging deep into characters. 

Matthew Razak
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