First poster for Dreamworks’ Me and My Shadow


We’re going to have to keep an eye on My and My Shadow. It’s the film that unites Dreamworks’ past and present animation styles. This first poster is really purple (which reminds me of the Harold cartoons), and hints at the mish mash of Me and My Shadow’s animation styles. The film will follow the “boring” CG animated Daniel (Josh Gad) and his charismatic hand drawn shadow (Bill Hader) as they go on wacky adventures. 

Growing up, Dreamworks’ hand drawn animated films were some of my favorites (not including the biblical ones). Before the company became obsessed with the same face and franchise milking, it had some of the most beautiful and culturally poignant films I’ve ever seen. I know Me and My Shadow won’t be a complete return to glory, but I would hope the film at least reminds all of us what Dreamworks is truly capable of.  

For a better look at all of the purple-ly, mish mashy goodness, check out the full poster in the gallery. Me and My Shadow releases March 14, 2014. 

[Coming Soon, via /Film]