First poster for Maleficent is sufficient


On a scale of 1 to “Not Wearing Pants” I am currently at “Partially Disrobed” over my excitement for the upcoming Maleficent from Disney. We’ve had a peak at what Angelina Jolie is going to look like as the evil queen of Sleeping Beauty, but this is the first poster released for the film and the best look we’ve had so far. I love that they’re not diverging far from the look that was made famous in the 1959 classic.

Of course the rest of the story is. Since retelling fairy tales is all the rage now, Maleficent is going to cast the sleep inducing queen in a better light. Much like they did with the continually sucking Once Upon a Time, we’ll see  a Maleficent who believes she is working for the greater good by cursing Aurora (Elle Fanning) to sleep.

What do you think of the look?

Matthew Razak
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