First poster for Mission: Impossible – Fallout is all about Tom Cruz


Looks like the Mission: Impossible – Fallout folks aren’t going for anything too groundbreaking with the marketing campaign in terms of posters. We got a brand new one here as they announce a new trailer landing in two days, and it’s about as bog standard as standard could be. The only thing really sticking out is that in a movie full of recongizable names only Tom Cruise’s is on the poster. That’s some arrogant ass marketing.

I mean, it’s going to work. The M:I movies are blockbusters, and they’re usually pretty good to boot. Cruise still pulls in people despite the star power factor becoming less and less important so I guess it makes some sense, but with Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett and a slew of other names in the film it seems a bit like a snub to only put Cruise’s name on there. 

Matthew Razak
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