First poster for Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to film has so far been only a few cameo spots in the Expendables films, but his first starring role is coming out January 18, 2013 in the form of The Last Stand. The film, which is directed by Jee-woon Kim, sounds like the classic Arnold action fodder we all grew up with and involves a small town sheriff who must take on a crime boss and his gang after the escape from a prison bus. With Kim’s penchant for blood and action and Schwarzenegger’s pension for being in movies with blood and action this sounds like a great combo.

We’ve got the first poster for the film, which came out during Comic-Con and it gives me even more hope for the movie. The classic yet modern art style hints at the film completely buying into its B-action movie roots, which is really the only way something starring Arnold and having a plot like this could work. The poster will definitely stand out if it’s used for regular marketing outside of Comic-Con, but even if it isn’t it’s still pretty damn awesome to see Schwarzenegger’s mug front and center on a movie poster again.

[Jamie Alexander’s Twitter, via Twitch]

Matthew Razak
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