First shot of Bruce Willis in Rian Johnson’s Looper


You might wonder why this first image released from Rian Johnson’s Looper should be of interest. It’s hardly the first time Bruce Willis has been pictured firing an automatic weapon and looking a bit narked off, after all.

However, should you be unaware of this, Rian Johnson is the writer/director behind exquisite high-school noir Brick, which will be the subject of the upcoming Flixist Movie Club. What’s more, co-starring alongside Willis are Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and Johnson’s regular collab Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If those aren’t credentials enough, consider this for a plot: Levitt plays a hitman whose future self carries out the kills, then sends the bodies back thirty years into the past for his younger self to dispose of, leaving no trace of the crimes at the time they were committed. The problem being that one of the bodies which turns up is Levitt’s future self, who is decidedly not dead but fighting for his life. In Rian Johnson’s own words: “Complications set in from there.”

[via Empire]