First Teaser for Attack On Titan movie


It’s probably safe to assume, that if you’re clicking on a story about Attack on Titan, you know what Attack on Titan is. But on the off chance that you just happened to stumble in here blind, here’s a summary: Attack on Titan, or AoT, started as a manga in 2009, but exploded in popularity when adapted into anime form in 2013. It’s post apocalyptic, it’s tense, it’s beautiful, and depending on your perspective there are several different points where it jumps the shark (I say Episode 7). Now, it’s going to be a movie.

This video is a clip from Japanese TV promoting the movie’s release, the actual teaser starts at about a minute in. It looks… alright, I guess. There’s really not that much here to dig into, it’s clearly early in production. However, I feel the series’ brand of action is defined by its speed, and this trailer is very clearly all wide, slow, establishing shots. Hopefully they’ll show more of that off later, if they’re not kicking down the doors with a tracking shot of Eren bursting through the skyline at full speed, I doubt it’s by choice.