First teaser for BBC’s Grand Theft Auto/Jack Thompson drama The Gamechangers


Remember that whole business a few years ago where folks thought videogames were violent and should be banned? The Gamechangers is a BBC TV production (with the worst kind of made for TV title) about the core of it all in 2002 when an attorney named Jack Thompson (Bill Paxton in the TV version) spearheaded a campaign against the release of Grand Theft Auto III and it’s co-founder and president Sam Houser (Daniel Radcliffe). 

The cast may be well packed, but the film sure doesn’t look up to snuff. It’s a brief tease, but nothing stands out. Rockstar isn’t involved with the film and is suing the BBC for copyright infringement, and coupled with the fact that most made for TV films are hot garbage, I don’t think this will be “changing games” any time soon. 

The Gamechangers premieres on BBC Two September 15th at 9. 

THE GAMECHANGERS Trailer (2015) Daniel Radcliffe BBC Grand Theft Auto Movie