First teaser for Kingsman: The Golden Circle plays up teaser status


In a world where we get trailers for trailers (we’ve sworn to never put one of those up) it’s refreshing to see a teaser trailer as self aware as the one for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. It’s also a brilliant piece of marketing. If you play the trailer below you’ll see that it has the title and then a lot of flashes to quick for you to understand and then the end. 

This not only plays with trailer’s usual tactic of giving way too much away, by subverting it so fat that it gives nothing away, but also plays nicely into the franchise’s love of poking fun at genre conventions and the film industry in general. 

The best part is that the Internet has, of course, slowed it down for all of us, and it turns out that the teaser actually is a teaser. It’s got a catch phrase and everything. After finally watching the original a few months ago and discovering just how clever it is, this bodes very well for the sequel. 

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Now slowed down:

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Teaser Frame by Frame Slowed Down)

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