First teaser for the new series of Doctor Who mostly teases

Doctor Who: Series 11 Teaser | Jodie Whittaker - BBC

Doctor Who is is starting anew again with regeneration, new companions, a new showrunner, and, of course, the first female Doctor. While we’d seen Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in action at the end of the last season’s finale and in her announcement trailer the first teaser for the next season gives us a look at the new companions friends she’ll be traveling with… and some weird ghost shimmery stuff.

Honestly, there isn’t much here to chew on except for the fact that new showrunner Chris Chibnall definitely has a new look for the show. It’s just a trailer, but the colors, tone, and direction are clearly different from the style of the Moffat years. There’s also a certain whimsy that seems to be prevailing everything we’ve seen from Whittaker’s Doctor that might signal a tonal shift from Capaldi’s take. There’s also the question of what the heck she’s doing in this? Is the weird shimmer stuff just an effect they’re using or did something happen to the Doctor as she plummeted out of the Tardis at the end of the finale?

Since the series won’t premier until October we probably won’t see much more for a good while now, but it’s got me excited to hop back into the Tardis with a new, bigger, team and rediscover a show I already love.

Matthew Razak
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