First teaser trailer for Paradise Lost starring Benecio Del Toro

'Paradise Lost' teaser trailer [HD]

I was raised to be a huge fan of Benecio Del Toro. My dad loves him because he’s one of the first Latino actors to hit the big time, and he wasn’t part of the Latin Boom in the mid 90s either (Although that boom did bring out lots of talented folks who inspire me today). 

Which is why I can’t wait for Paradise Lost. Although it has no domestic release date (hence the poor quality and length of the teaser), I very much would like to see it. Del Toro stars as Pablo Escobar, one of the most renowned, and deadly drug lords in the history of ever. Although he seems like a generic drug lord in the trailer, Del Toro’s performance will surely elevate the material. Paradise Lost releases in Europe this fall. I’ll keep an eye for a US release date.