First three minutes of Step Up Revolution are ridiculous


I’m just going to come out of the closet now. I’m a fan of the Step Up series. They’re like bad kung-fu movies where you watch simply for the fight scenes. Over the many iterations of the films the numbers have gotten zanier and zanier, culminating in some epic 3D dance action from the last film. How do you top that? Dance numbers in the street on top of bouncing cars, of course.

The above opening three minute number shows off more gusto than actual dance moves, which is a bit worrisome since the only redeeming value of the films is the impressive dance numbers that show off awesome dancing and not crappy gimmicks. Director Scott Speer doesn’t really seem to let the dance unfold in this scene at all, and much like a good kung-fu fight you have to let the fighters do their work and not mess around with too much cutting. Hopefully the rest of the film is more about the dance because a plot is not something I’m looking for here.

Matthew Razak
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