First trailer and poster for Birdman with Michael Keaton

BIRDMAN - Official Teaser Trailer HD

Birdman might not be the Birdman movie we’ve all always needed, but damn if it doesn’t look like the Birdman movie we deserve. A surreal comedy about a washed up action hero trying to mount a Broadway comeback that stars a (not really) washed up action hero. Doesn’t get much more intriguingly, awesomely meta than that, and in this day and age of self-referential entertainment it’s definitely what we deserve.

The first trailer hits especially well, though we don’t get a good look at the actual Birdman. Of course, that isn’t the point. The point is clearly to see Edward Norton wrestle in his underwear… right? Where are you guys going? Come back! How are we going to see the movie together when it comes out this fall if you leave?

Matthew Razak
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