First Trailer: Dracula Untold staring Luke Evans


Think what you will about reviving old franchises, this first trailer for Dracula Untold looks surprisingly cool. I mean, personally I set the bar for these kind of namesake reboots pretty low, but at least this movie seems to be taking a different spin on the Dracula theme.

In Dracula Untold, we meet a hero who decides that in order to protect his wife and son from impending doom, he must turn to evil in order to gain immeasurable power. The trailer has a few teaser shots of epic battles being waged that feel reminiscent of Lord of the Rings battles to me, though we’ll see if this new persona behind the iconic vampire pumps some new blood (heh heh) into the tired franchise or not.

Fittingly, Dracula Untold will swarm into theaters this October.

[via Collider]