First trailer finally brings Jinn to us


Jinn has been sitting around forever, but we’re finally getting  a release of the action, horror thriller thing and it looks about as cheesy as you’d expect it to. That’s cheesy in the good horror way. Director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad doesn’t have the longest record in feature films, but the cast stars Ray Park, Serinda Swan, Faran Tahir,William Atherton, Milica Govich, Walter Phelan, Dominic Rains and Ele Bardha, who can all put up a good fight when the need be.

It looks like as  long as the action is decent it can definitely turn a few heads. The plot is something out of a comic book and involves saving the world from a fire demon that gets awakened. Evidently it’s based on ancient Arabian folklore, but I think the extent of that is that the word Jinn is Arabian.

What do you think? You can let us know when it release on April 4th of this year.

Matthew Razak
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