First trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass drops in


Alice in Wonderland was definitely something. It was so something that had a lot of CGI and weirdness going on, and it was evidently something that made some money for Disney. We heard that a sequel was coming a bit ago as it’s been in the works for the past five years, but now we’re close and so the first trailer arrives.

It’s a little unclear what exactly is going on here, but with the oddness of Alice and her cohorts that probably is to be expected. The story is once again diverting from the original subject matter, but since these are technically sequels to Disney’s original animated film they can do whatever they want. I think if you liked the first one this one will once again be right up your alley, but otherwise it’s release on March 27, 2016, won’t be very special to you.

Matthew Razak
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